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Regional Leadership Council

The Regional Leadership Council (RLC) was established as a response to the demand for improving efficiencies and inter-jurisdictional collaboration as observed from the endeavors of the Citizens Efficiency Commission (CEC). The RLC is made up of vigilant village presidents and prudent personnel that serve the many communities of Sangamon County. Objectives for the RLC include: expanding cooperation between local units of government, reducing unnecessary duplication of services, improving and sharing information among townships and units of government, solving local and regional problems, and making effective use of new opportunities. We highly value all input and active participation with the RLC!

The Regional Leadership Council of Sangamon County hereby gives notice that it will meet on the following dates in 2023. Unless otherwise noted on the agenda, the meetings will occur at the Sangamon County Board Chambers, 2nd Floor – Sangamon County Building, at 5:30 PM.

January 25 April 26 July 26 October 25